About Us

Who We Are

Based in Beirut – Lebanon, SYMPOSIA is specialized in the organization and management of industry-specific trainings and business events. From large scale conferences to small exclusive boutique seminars, our events are knowledge-based and specially designed for professionals, by professionals.

SYMPOSIA aspires to become the leading professional conference organizer (PCO) in Lebanon and the Middle-East, by bringing together networks of Lebanese and foreign professionals within tailor-made contexts.

By gathering the best professional speakers in their fields to share and transmit in-depth and knowledge-based insights, technical analysis and value-added content, we provide our clients with the highest quality standards of information, supported with the most advanced technical skills.

What We Do

SYMPOSIA organizes content-driven workshops as well as educational and academic events, providing a platform for business communities to meet, learn, network and share knowledge.

Operating mainly in the legal, fiscal, financial, academic, economic and commercial fields, SYMPOSIA proposes professional conferences, seminars and tailor-made trainings on:

SYMPOSIA is committed to meeting the demands of its clients and to anticipating their future needs by drawing from the latest industries’ specific developments.

Who We Speak To

SYMPOSIA’s audience typically includes professionals working in the financial, banking, insurance and legal industries, such as:

  • Compliance and legal officers
  • CEO’s & CFO’s
  • Senior management of private and commercial banks
  • HR executives
  • Relationship managers
  • Accountants of multinational firms
  • Independent wealth management firms
  • Family offices and businesses
  • Corporate service providers
  • Trust and fiduciary companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Consulting & audit firms

We also offer conferences geared to a younger demographic of ‘rising stars’, entrepreneurs and young talents within organizations who are fast tracked to success. Events in this spectrum refer to boutique seminars or tailor-made training sessions.

How We Operate

SYMPOSIA manages all practical and logistical aspects in the organization of professional events. We operate following 3 different methodologies:

We specialize in the organization of precise training sessions and talks by focusing on the needs of the employees of specific entities and industries. We design comprehensive training programs and contact the appropriate skilled specialists to take part in each session.

We implement, operate and deliver full management services while tackling a 360-degree approach in the making of successful business events.

Our clients benefit from our large database, as well as from our strategic and operational levels in assessing their needs.

We provide end-to-end solutions, while taking care of all the administrative and logistical aspects in full transparency: marketing and design, registrations, accounting (invoicing and payments), conference room bookings, documentations, travel and accommodation arrangements, catering services, etc. We optimize the costs and provide detailed quotations as needed.

We help amplify companies’ profiles through assisting them in expanding their exposure, raising their capital and optimize their potential. Therefore, we study thoroughly our client’s potential partners, target and market, and we accordingly initiate and conduct meetings with relevant investors in all areas of business excellence. We focus on significant institutional and private investors and apply strict due-diligence processes before accepting to promote a specific company or investment product.

Executive Management

SYMPOSIA’s Managing Partner, Alexis S. Belvallette, has had a thriving professional career in all of Europe, East Asia and the Middle-East.

With over 18 years applied to project management, Alexis has held several senior executive roles and significant leadership experiences in specialized business event organization, financial conference management, as well as office administration and operations.

During his career, Alexis has led the process of creating, expanding and transforming value at various companies, and he was instrumental in implementing strategy programs and achieving success stories across the Middle-East and in Europe.

Having had impactful senior management positions with experience spanning both the public and private sectors, Alexis has a deep understanding of multicultural professional environments, and insatiable passion for emerging markets’ challenges with a special emphasis on innovative business models.

Alexis is a graduate of Trinity College with a BA degree in Political Science and Middle-Eastern Studies and is currently preparing an Executive MBA at ESA Business School / ESCP Europe.